Promotes the sense of responsibility of the owner and their premises ensuring their guest can keep a track of alcohol consumptions and avoiding calamities.

The Mumbai Traffic Police are keen to reduce the incidences of drunken driving, by partnering with Subtronics. Join us to encourage this initiative around all states.

Alco-booth is developed to stop intoxicated people in their tracks by giving them a safer friendly alternative.

Introducing the Alco-Booth

A self check breathalyser

The Alco-Booth is a device that analyses the alcohol content in patron’s blood.

It's simple,
blow into the kiosk to have your blood alcohol level measured.

If the reading is over the legal limit, the user can either call any of the cab services displayed or even call a valet to drive them home in their own car.

Product Launch

Alco-Booth was launched at the ‘Road Safety Week 2016’ organised by the Mumbai Traffic Police by the Hon. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis, in presence of media and other dignitaries.

The Content

The Mumbai Traffic Police data for the entire year 2015 shows a spike in cases of drunken driving in the last three months, with 3,460 caught in December alone, the highest in the last five years. The Mumbai Traffic Police are keen to reduce the incidences of drunken driving, by partnering with Subtronics to implement out of the box solutions.

Chandigarh Times NEWS

Drinking impairs a number of key sensory systems in the body including:

  • Vision
  • The ability to track changing conditions
  • Perception-sensory relationships (touch, sight, sound)
  • Concentration-effects our ability to focus on driving
  • Psychometer skills - resulting in slower reaction times

Don't Drink & Drive

Who needs Alco-Booth?

The Alco-Booth is aimed to be installed at places serving alcohol based drinks and beverages like bars, restaurants, night clubs, party halls, night eatabouts, pubs, lounge etc. to shop intoxicated people in their tracks by giving them a safer friendly alternative.

Value to an establishment

As an establishment, it is a responsible move to help present safer alternatives to drunken driving, and join the Mumbai Traffic Police's campaign for awareness of the cause.

  • Gain Sponsorship
  • Offer advertisements
  • Gain Positive P.R.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility - A good CSR opportunity

Alco-Booth : BASIC

  • Simple automatic operation without any buttons
  • Hygenically safe - uses sealed straws
  • Self instructing screen
  • Symbolic results & digital B.A.C display
  • Results as “All good”,”Caution” or “Drunk”
  • Embibes latest microprocessor technology
  • Long life sensor, non perishible.
  • Arrangement for sponsor board to display custom messages or advertisements

Alco-Booth : VOICE

  • Elegant modern design
  • Voice guidance - talking breathalyser
  • Attracting mild glow
  • Integrated stand design with dustbin
  • Less space occupying
  • Full booth changes colour
  • Illuminated display for use in dark
  • Uses easily available sealed straws

Alco-Booth : TOUCH

  • Rich copper reflective design
  • Huge touch assisted screen
  • Voice guidance - talking breathalyser
  • Integrated stand design with straw holder and dustbin
  • Graphical blow detection with indicator
  • Custom screen graphics skins
  • Display your unique screen for positive test
  • API compitable
  • Illuminated panel for branding

Alco-Booth : PRO

Alco-Booth : PRO

The ultimate breathalyzer

watch to explore possibilities

  • Blow detection, monitoring & flushing
  • Fullly automatic photo capture while blowing
  • Voice guidance
  • Data memory, stores more than 10 lakh readings
  • Filter data as per names, date, status,readings
  • SMS on positive test
  • Read RFIDs, Barcodes, Fingerprints on request
  • Full QERTY keyboard
  • Print receipts using your existing printers
  • All critical settings are password protected
  • All data can be backed-up on external pen drive
  • Email reports directly from the booth

Sponsorship & Sponsor

Sponsors / brands we have worked with :

Unique value addition:
Displays an IVR number on positive test to get a promo code and avail a discounted UBER ride

Highlighted CEAT branding with booths placed at entry exits.

Delivers CEAT tagline message of ‘Making mobility safer’

Co-tieups with breweries Prominent branding to promote Corporate Social Responsibility message - Dont Drink and Drive

Incase you wish to sponsor or like a sponsorship for installing an Alco-Booth™ at your establishment - contact our team.

All logos belong to the respective brands


Watch this video made by our sponsor CEAT Tyres for their version of customised Alco-Booth .

Contact us incase you wish to sponsor & want us to develop a customised booth with your exclusive branding for a quantity.

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Launch of UBER Alco-Booth

Corporate plant

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch this video to anwsers most of the F.A.Q.s

Simply pick up a straw and place it into the round slot. Blow (like you would whistle) while asked and wait for your reading.
The Traffic Police’s drive isn’t designed to stop people from drinking, but to stop people from drinking and driving. People tend to shrug off the amount of alcohol consumed when they get behind the wheel, as if it does not impact their ability to drive. However, drunken driving does impact one’s judgement, and alarmingly incidents have grown over the last 3 months (Jan 2016) with 3640 cases registered in December alone - indicating the lack of awareness. The Alco-Booth is designed to increase awareness of the permissible alcohol limits and for people to draw the line for themselves, and present safer alternatives.
The Mumbai Traffic Police have mandated that only the breathalysers used at Naaka Bandis generate results that can be used as evidence in a court of law, to avoid discrepancies. The final deciding authority on such incidences of drunken driving, even if under the legal limit, is the sole prerogative of the Mumbai Traffic Police. The establishment, Sponsor or Subtronics cannot be held legally responsible for the actions of a user after undertaking such a test. The device is designed to raise awareness and provide alternatives to drinking and driving and the results of such a test are indicative, not conclusive or evidentiary.
Subtronics offers a 1 year warranty on the Alco-Booth. Usually any breakdowns would be rectified within 7 working days (within Mumbai).
The Alco-Booth (basic version) can be wall mounted or free standing using a floor stand.
Dimensions :
  • Alco-booth Basic version: 23 x 19 x 4 inches (WxHxD)
  • Stand : 2x2 sq.ft area with a height of 6 feet.
  • Alco-booth Voice floor standing: 14 x 65.5 x 10 inches (WxHxD)
  • Alco-booth Touch floor standing: 20.5 x 62.5 x 10.5 inches (WxHxD)
  • Alco-booth Pro wall mounting: 18.5 x 26 x 6 inches (WxHxD)
The Alco-Booth uses easily available sealed straws. Sealed straws are must as it maintains hygiene.

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