F.A.Q's : Breath Alcohol Analysers

1: Are Subtronics breathalysers manufactured in India?

Ans: Yes

2: Can Subtronics breathalysers be calibrated?

Ans: Yes. Frequency of calibration is one year.

3: Do these instruments carry a Test & Calibration Report while shipping?

Ans: Yes

4: What are the units of measuring breath alcohol?

Ans: We calibrate all our instruments in mg/100ml of blood

5: What is the danger level for consumption of alcohol?

Ans: We follow the Mumbai, Maharashtra level of 30mg/100ml of blood

6: Can the alarm levels be changed as per user's requirement?

Ans: Yes (only for some models)

7:Do the breathalysers carry any warranty?

Ans: Yes. One year.

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