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Safety is the most important subject no matter in what industry you are. In any industrial workplace employees should feel safe from hazards, harmful gases and explosion risks when they step through the doors and confined spaces. Subtronics portable gas detectors protect against a wide range of industrial gas hazards. Portable gas detectors are used when you have to constantly move from one place to another or in cases when there is no fixed gas source. It is also used for confined spaces and to trace gas leaks in different areas. It is cost-effective and can come in handy in most cases.

Portable Gas Monitor Model : 3ST-PT


Based on the latest XLP - Extreme Low Power chip with 16 bit ADC, this portable, light weight, single handed diffusion based Portable Gas Monitor accurately detects the presence of target gas and activates an alarm with vibration when the concentration exceeds the preset level.


  • Available for 300+ gases. Click here for list of gases.
  • High accuracy and faster response time
  • 32GB SD Card for memory storage for 3 lakh readings
  • Three Status indicators - Low, Warning & Emergency
  • Password restricted menu access
  • Guided test sampling process
  • Confidence beep for user alertness
  • Taptic vibrator feedback
  • Stealth mode for discreet checking
  • Units conversion for selected gases
  • STEL and TWA alarms
  • Dual line alpha-numeric display
  • Auto and On-demand Screen backlight
  • Built-in battery cell for clock and date
  • Rechargeable easily replaceable Li-Ion batteries
  • 12 hours operation with battery management
  • Full charge auto-cutoff, Low batt & charging indicators
  • Optional : "Subtronics DataLog" software


DataLog Software

Flexible ProbeDataLog

Our specifications may be subject to change without prior notice due to our ongoing research and development efforts to enhance all Subtronics products and ensure that they meet the latest standards.

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